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Welcome To Bellita Cucina

Bellita Cucina, the ultimate interior designing firm, brings you the most authentic and trustable service ever. With an experience of 19 years, serving 5000+ happy and satisfied customers, we can proudly present ourselves as one of the top trustworthy firm. We never compromise on quality and hence import the best quality products and appliances from Italy and Germany, both being known for their interior designing. Also, about 60% of our materials are manufactured by us, hence justifying the quality. The use of updated technology is mandatory. With the option of customization, the interiors are more personalized. Even after the work is completed, we don’t plan on leaving you there. At bellita cucina, we provide 5 years warranty along with 1 year free service. This way, though there won’t be any complaints, we will ensure you satisfaction.

What We Do

Residential Design

Home is where love is. Back from work, you need to be in a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Well, the ‘calm’ is in your hands, but the ‘pleasant’ can definitely be made our responsibility. We, at bellita cucina, understand your need for a home with italian and german ambience and quality. Hence, we offer you the solution through our aesthetic way of building your living room, bedroom, entertainment unit, kitchen, wardrobe, and what not. Quality is never compromised by us. The use of high quality appliances, most professional level of craftsmanship and products [like pullout baskets which are imported from Germany (Hittich)] will result in not only a hospitable home but also a productive one.

Office Design

Offices are usually places filled with stress and tension. To make a change in this atmosphere, our Italian inspired office interiors create ordinary rooms into spacious and attractive work places. We offer international standards by importing our accessories from companies like Hittich, Kaff (Italian) and Blum (Germany) so that the quality is justified. We value trust and provide the most stylish yet lasting work pieces. We design your dream work place and bring into existence. Characterized by designs of your personal choice and with our touch of expertise, we put the workplace in a class unbeatable and one of a kind.
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Our Process

  • Enquiry
  • Designing
  • Finalization
Have a place which needs to be modified or rebuild? Come to us. Let us know of what you want, add your details in it, and we will figure out the best solution for you and bring into reality.
All you have to do is show us your place. From then, our aim is making it into a piece of art. We will design your entire place in the most stylish and sophisticated manner. You have the liberty to customize the measurements, the lamination of the ply wood according to your needs and more. Measurements used by us are Italian. The design that we create are admiration guaranteed.
After reaching us out, designing and deciding on the materials needed, we begin the work. The time frame for the work is 45 days. In the quickest span of time, we provide the most hassle free service possible. Neatly organized and rightly placed, we will recreate your dream.
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